Paella Subchampion Celebration Party

Paella Subchampion Celebration Party

All Japan Valencian Paella Subchampionship Celebration Party
~ English Below ~


25名限定、コンクールと同じパエリアを味わえるディナーセットを提供します。コンクールと同じ材料にはスペインの米やオリーブオイルやサフランを使います。ディーナは午後7時~9時までで、9時からエントランスフリーのパーティにします:DJ Primat!


参加ボタンをぜひ押してね!パエリアの予約がメッセージや店までを連絡ください。 よろしくお願いします。

To celebrate EL ASADOR winning the second place at the All Japan Valencia Paella Competition celebrated in Tokyo on July 14th, We will have a Paella Party on August 25th!

We will have a Valencia Paella dinner for up to 25 people from 7 to 9 PM and then continue with a Latin Party until late at night. The paella will be exactly the same as the one cooked for the competition with Spanish ingredients, including the rice, olive oil and zafran.

* Paella dinner set 1800 Yen (Reservation Only)
* Draft Beer, House wine and basic mixes fro 500 Yen
* Will also have some Spanish Beer

Contact us to reserve the Paella, and just come from 9 PM to enjoy the party. DJ Primat will be putting the place on fire!

DJ Primat

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